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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    I recently had a Kenwood KDC-X696 installed in my 1984 Mustang GT and since then my electric windows, wipers, and dash clock all stay on and drain my battery. Cartoys, who did the installation, said it had to be the new igntion cylinder I had just installed two weeks earlier. I replaced that...
  2. SVO/2.3L
    I have an '84 SVO and it's running very rich and will shut down when I let off the gas and depress the clutch. Could this be a spark plug problem and what plugs should I be running? Thanks
  3. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1979-1986
    Interested in Selling. Not sure what to ask yet but wanted to get it out there. Thanks for the interest. email me for any information or questions. I have a 1984 Mustang convertible LX 5.0 5spd I have owned this car for awhile now. I have done many things to it, to many to list right now...
  4. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1979-1986
    Black hatchback, gray interior, sunroof, Turbo 4, 5 speed. Literally 2 miles on all work: New carpet, Kenwood CD, clean interior. New fuel tank, filler hose and both fuel pumps. New power steering pump, rack & pinion, and I/O tie rod ends. New urethane (all Energy Suspension) coil spring...
1-4 of 4 Results