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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    Crower SBF 1.6 ratio roller rockers, with poly locks. These have been ground for clearance for a different application, which in no way effects their performance. Used $275. By the way, they are 7/16's. Will ship, Paypal friendly, located Dayton-Cincinnati area. Thanks, Ken
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for a set of stud mount 1.72 rockers, will consider 1.7's as well. I would prefer if they came with studs as well but they are not required. I will consider all brands, as long as they are in good working condition. Contact me if you have anything. Thanks!
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    ProForm 1.6 roller rockers for SBF heads. Slightly used but in good working condition with locking retainers and the original packaging. I have only used them for mock up assembly on a motor. $110. 16 ARP rocker studs brand new. They have been mounted to the heads; however, they were never run...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Set of 1.7 Roller Rockers (what I was told by previous owner of car, they have no markings on them) for 3/8" studs. Came out of a car I had, with a running 347, only removed because car was parted out. Comes with poly locks. Can come with the pushrods if needed (they are nothing special). $110...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a set of 1.7 crane cobra bolt down roller rockers. i would like to trade them for 1.6 bolt down roller rockers. the reason i WWT is, im gonna have the tfs-1 cam pushing 1.7 cobra RRs down on the tfs spring kit sitting on top of gt40 heads. i dont need the extra lift, reduction of PTVC...
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    SOLD! Omega 1.6 Roller Rockers for 7/16”-20 studs Omega 1.6 Roller Rockers for 7/16”-20 studs $130 plus shipping and PayPal fees. SOLD! These are in very good condition and are for 7/16”-20 studs. Click on the image below for a much larger pic.
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    i have a set of 16 harland sharp twisted wedge, 7/16 stud, 1.6 ratio roller rockers. i got these with a set of built twisted wedge heads and decided to get shaft mount rockers . these have never been ran or even bolted on (except for two to see how they looked...i was on summit...
1-7 of 7 Results