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    Great condition! installed the white face gauge decals and upgraded all of the bulbs with super bright white LED's (70$ upgrades) pictures show one backlight light socket missing but it was found along with its LED bulb. both the check engine and check oil light sockets were removed. you can get...
  2. Interior Parts
    Selling my white face gauge cluster that I removed all the bulbs and replaced them with the appropriate color only in a much brighter LED. The only difference is the gauges and needles are now blue instead of white. The turn signals were replaced with green LED's, parking break with red LED...
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    140 MPH Speedo Out of a 1993 Mileage is 80,077 Great Shape, no cracks. SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    I purchased this speedometer about a year ago without realizing it was a relabeled 85 MPH that was recalibrated. If you are looking for a full authentic Motorsport piece, this is NOT it. But if you are looking for a 140 to put in your driver, this is A-OK. I am looking for exactly what I...
  9. Interior Parts
    We have new and used complete 85, 140 and 160 mph speedometers, complete clusters and individual gauges for all 1979-1993 Mustangs!!! Call or email us with your specific needs!!! We have NOS and used 1982-1993 certified calibration SSP police speedometers!!! NOS Ford speedometer cables, too