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Mustang GT
I am the original owner of this car. I received it as a high school graduation gift. From day one I started modifying it. I initially started with simple bolt ons ie: K&N airfilter, Hurst quick shifter, H-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers, underdrive pullies, and a NOS Stage 2 dry kit. Craving more power I later installed box stock Twisted Wedge Heads, E303 Cam, Crane 1.6 roller rockers, and a Cobra intake. This setup lasted almost 200,000 miles until the stock crank broke.

At the time it was common to rebuild to 306's. Stoker motors were just starting to come out. Coast High Performance just released a 347 Street Fighter kit and this is the route I decided to go. The goal I had set was to run 11's without pushing the car too hard. While the motor was being buit I had Ben Alameda Racing port the Cobra Intake. He also setup me up with a custom cam. The Twisted Wedge Heads were left untouched. I also installed a Tremec TKO. When the build was completed I was happy with the overall performance. That was until I rode in a friends 347 supercharged car. He had the exact same setup except for power adder of choice. Instead of nitrous he was running a Paxton race only VR4 blower. I knew I had to have. After finding a used Paxton Kit I had the car dyno'd. My fuel system was comprised of a 190 intank pump along with a booster pump, 30lb injectors, and a 4:1 Fmu. The car dyno'd in at 408 hp and 450 ft lbs of torque.

When the day finally came to run at the track I made a total of three passes. The first pass I made ran a 12.9 at 120. The second pass came in at a 12.1 at 121. The third pass came in at 11.6 at 123. In the 90's these were very respectable times! My goal was met. An off idle launch, 6000 rpm limit, and not powershifting into the 11's.

I was content until I read that Paxton was realeasing a new blower.... The Novi 2000!
Shortly after its release I picked one up. There is a huge difference between the two blowers. The VR4 was Paxton's earliest ball driven race supercharger and had a step up ratio of 4.44. It is rated for 1500cfm max. The Novi 2000 has a step up ratio of 3.54 and is rated at 1700cfm. Although the VR4's boost came on quicker (due to the 4.44 step up ratio) the Novi 2000's boost is more potent.
Due to the added power I felt it was time to address safetly aspects of the car. I installed a Maximum Motorsports 6 point cage.
With the new supercharger installed I had set my goals to run 10's. Why not? With a more powerful supercharger this goal should be within reach right? This had to wait till after I accepted a job offer in Arizona.

In 2000 I made the move to Arizona. But before moving I obtained another camshaft from Ben Alameda Racing. When I was ready to finally install the cam I discovered the inevitable...a cracked block. Although the stock block was girdled it cracked right above the cam valley. I was fortunate to have caught it in time as there was no obvious issues external operating issues on the motor. A new R302 block was ordered along with larger injectors, and a full Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump setup was also installed.

While the motor was out I cleaned up the engine bay and installed a UPR front K member setup, along with front coilovers. The shortblock was assembled by Duffee Motorsports, but after completing the build and putting less then 2500 miles on the new motor I lost interest. I had gone to Firebird raceway a few times but was always plagued with misfortune and never made a full pass. The first time out failed due to a bad RPM Extender which was cutting spark at 3500rpm. The Second time out failed due to a tossed cog blower belt. Frustration had set in and having been at it for 10 years I decided to garage her up. And there it remained garaged for 10 years!

During my sabbatical I had purchased a few other foxbody mustangs and had made a mental promises not to go overboard with any of them. My purchases started with an automatic 88GT vert, a 89 LX vert, a 91 Powerdyned GT, and then a 92 SSP Notchback. Can you can see where this is leading?

After picking up the 92 SSP (the other car in the garage). I found myself slowly modifying it while the trusty GT was parked and covered right next to the SSP. How cruel is that?!?

In 2012 I decided to get that 10 second timeslip. I installed a wideband 02 and finally used the TwEECer I had in the car but never really messed with. I also installed adjustable UPR rear upper and lower control arms. I also finished the rear off with upper and lower battle box reinforcement plates. I tuned the car to run 15lbs of boost with an afr of 11.75.

I made my first attempt for 10's in Feb of 2012. Once again I was unable to make a full pass. Track condition was extremely poor. Very typical of Firebird Raceway. I managed to snap my cog belt on the launch. It's a good possibility this happened due to belt age and the blower bracket flexing. When Paxton initially introduced the Novi 2000 Paxton didn't offer any type of bracketry. Central Coast Mustang was the only company in the 90's that made brackets for this blower. Problem is it wasn't that sturdy. With that being said I had a front bracket duplicated with 1/2" thick aluminum (see pic) vs the 3/8"bracket from CCM. I also decided to change the pulley setup from cog to an 8rib serpentine.

With the everything installed I headed out Firebird. This time out would prove to be fatal on the motor. First mistake was I didn't datalog with the new pulley changes. Second mistake was I didn't datalog the change to winter pump gas. Third mistake I added 5 degrees of total timing on the assumption of cooler weather. I thought this to be safe because all the previous datalogs were during the dead heat of AZ summer.

With untested boost levels, untested fuel Afr reading disaster was possible. I was just too eager to get that timeslip. The pass proved strong initially. The blower belt stayed on during launch (new bracket did it's job). But track conditions were very slick (as usual) causing my car to skate down the 1320 at higher rpms for longer than normal times because of traction issues. Going into third gear I knew something was wrong so I shut it down. After getting it back to the pits there was a distinct sound coming from the driver side valve cover. It sounded like a possible bad rocker or bent pushrod.

Later compression tests showed extremely low numbers on cylinder 7&8. I also discovered the vacuum line going to my cartech FMU had a rotted due to age. Without this signal fuel pressure would not be able to rise under boost and definitely cause a lean condition!

I sent the heads of to Ben Alameda Racing to get ported. During the teardown he discovered the spring rates to be very low which would have caused valve float. Another age related issue.

Here's the current Update:
Car is being built to 349 cubic inches. I've went with Coast High Performance -15.3cc piston to be more boost friendly. I'm changing the cam setup to a much more aggressive comp cam profile. Stay tuned!
1990 Ford Mustang GT (BLACK)


Paxton Novi 2000, R302 block, CHP 349 Stroker, Ben Alameda ported Twisted Wedge heads, Comp Cam, Crane 1.6 Rockers, Full Length Headers, Snow Meth Stage 2 kit, BE Tuned
Six-point maximum motorsports cage, Corbeau Seats and Harness
Cervini Hood and Wing
UPR tubular setup front and rear. Coilovers with Comp Engineering Struts, Subframed and caged.
Wheel and Tire
Weld Draglites.
Mickey Thompson ET Streets



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