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Bought this car shortly after my Evo X was totaled due to someone on their cellphone running a stop sign. I had nowhere to go except into the driver's side of their car, t-boning them at 35 since they pulled out as I was in the middle of an intersection where I had the right of way. The stock car was great but down 130hp to the wheels and a significant amount of torque compared to my AWD rocket ship I previously owned. The stock wheels I thought were ugly so I switched to lighter Neuspeed RSE12 wheels that were a half inch wider, so lighter wheel that can fit a bit more tire, costs less than the stock wheels to replace and is stronger... NO BRAINER! The performance pack from the factory adds a front diff that is connected to the ECU for quicker, more intelligent torque management. This is by far the best FWD car I have ever driven. A few weeks after getting a feel for it I picked up a Eurodyne cable, DSG tune, and their ECU tunes for around $800 dollars. A reflash got me close to 300WHP and even more TQ. When I have time to dyno it I will, but people with similar setups are at 285WHP/370WTQ on 91 octane in a car that weighs around 3100lbs. With the trans tune this car just rips through gears. A torque limiter is programmed into the car for first and second so I don't blow the DSG to bits when I put my foot down. Traction control being left on leaves the car compliant down low and cruising in traffic, but if I want to make people laugh I turn it off, use launch control at a stop light and leave a cloud of smoke as I spin through first, second, and part of third. Overall this has been the most practical and economical car I've ever owned. It looks great with the lighting package and VW racing springs. The torque down low and power it makes almost until redline make for a wonderful street car that surprises a lot of tuners and muscle car owners alike. Nothing like embarrassing people in short sprints from 30-60 and 40-80 who have put some money into their 4.6's or the typical full bolt on WRX owner. Absolutely love this car, it isn't my Evo, but its a completely different type of fun.
2016 Volkswagen GTI (Blue)


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