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Mustang GT
GT, Mach 460
Bought the car for $4.6k (valued at $6k) since the timing chain was stretched and rattling against the chain guide. I when went to install the new timing chains I found the guides were broken from the stretched chains hitting them. I replaced the guides as well as the chains that came in my timing chain kit and threw out all the broken pieces of chain guide I found. Car ran fine, but the clutch started slipping right away after 3rd pull above 4k rpm since I didn't accelerate hard when test driving because of stretched chains. I drove the car like that for 3 months staying below 4k rpm so the clutch didn't slip until I could replace it. Before I could replace the clutch, the engine spun a bearing and the engine seized half of a mile from my house while cruising home at 40 mph. I didn't hear any noise, but the car just shut off and would not start again. After finding the engine seized I removed the engine from my car in the ally behind my house up against my backyard fence since I don't have a driveway or garage. I tore down the engine block on an engine stand in my backyard and found the number 8 rod spun a bearing because it didn't get enough oil. There was a piece of chain guide that made it into my oil pan and was picked up by my oil pickup tube that delivers oil to the engine so my engine wasn't getting enough oil because the plastic guide was blocking most of the pickup tube until I found it during the tear down. I have cleaned everything up, collected all rebuild parts/bolts/gaskets, and just need some engine parts machined now until I can rebuild the engine.
2000 Ford Mustang GT (Silver)


Spun Bearing, Stock Engine Rebuild
Dark Charcoal Leather, Mach 1 Gauge Cluster
Silver, Mach 1 Chin Spoiler, Mach 1 Grill Delete, Tinted Rear Windows
10.2" In-Dash Touch Screen, Pioneer 400w 4-Channel Amp, Mach 460 Speakers
Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs
Wheel and Tire
17x9 Chrome Cobra R's, 275 Rear, 255 Front



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