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General Information

Dark Midnite blue
I bought this car in July of 2001. I got it off lease from a dealer in NJ. I searched over a year for this exact package. Dark Blue on Grey LSC under 59k miles. It's now got about 88k.

I had a friend that had a 04 Mustang Cobra Vert that had an unfortunate accident in 2004 and the insurance company totaled the car. I purchased the car from them and parted out most of it. I took the engine and the original owner took and sold the rest.

I installed the motor in December of 2004 and had it started in March 2005. Drove it for the first time with the new engine combo in May 2005
1997 Lincoln Mark VIII (Dark Midnite blue)


2004 Mustang Cobra engine
Stiegemeier Stage VI ported blower
Stiegemeier High gloss Polished Blower, Throttle body, and Plenum.
Smooth flow 2.8 upper pulley
Metco 2# lower pulley
Metco 4 piece clear idler set
Polished Aeromotive fuel rails
Aeromotive boost referenced fuel regulator
over 20 pieces custom color matched by
Pro-M Custom Calibrated MAF
K&N 12" filter
Optima yellow top battery
60# flow mached injectors
Custom Optima battery tray
Reichard Racing Blower Belt Tensioner
Stock interior
Stock paint, Zaino Polishing, Tint on rear and quarters.
Alpine IVA-D300 Head unit
Alpine TUA-T020XM XM tuner
Alpine CHA-S634 MP3 Changer
Alpine NVE-N852A DVD Navigation
Alpine PXA-H700 Dolby Digital Equalizer/Crossover/Time Alignment
PPI Precision Power PCX 4125
PPI Precision Power PCX 2125
Alpine MRV-T 407
MB Quart QSD 213 5.25 component set w/xovers
MB Quart QSD 164 Midbass set w/xovers
Orion HCCA 12? sealed

Alarm: DEI Viper 791 two way alarm with remote start, DEI 530T Power Window Automation System (2), DEI 6 channel expander, DEI keypad Starter Kill, DEI Proximity sensor, Viper 507t Tilt motion sensor,

Other: Pentium 4 1.8 MHz PC, 40 Gb HD, DVD, ATI 64Mb Video Card, Belkin Bluetooth dongle, Bluetooth GPRS modem phone, Bluetooth GPS, 96 port digital PC104 I/O controller, PC104 quad-band Cell phone interface. AudioQuest Type8 speaker wire, Copperhead Analog Audio Interconnect Cables, Optilink Optical Digital Cables,
Custom length balanced aluminum drive shaft
3.27 ratio Trac-loc aluminum rear end
Mustang Cobra Hub Conversion
Mustang Cobra dual piston front calipers
Performance built rear Mark VIII rear calipers
StopTech 14" slotted and vented front rotors
StopTech 12" slotted and vented rear rotors
Wheel and Tire
Ruff Racing 281 Mesh Chrome 18x8.5 staggered w/ 225/40/18 NanKang NS2 Front Tires
Ruff Racing 281 Mesh Chrome 18x9.5 staggered w/ 265/35/18 NanKang NS2 Rear Tires



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