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General Information

Reef blue
I don't know the history of the car. I bought it a week
1993 Ford Mustang (Reef blue)


She has a 351W out of a 93 Ford Lightning. Engine is pretty stock for now, aside from an F can... So I'm told. I'd really like to get rid of the GT40 intake and get a Trick Flow set up for it. I just really love the Trick Flows!!

The transmission is a World Class T5, definitely nothing special. When I bought the car the guy told me that it had a TKO 600 in job apparently he lied! So eventually I will have a TKO600 in it.

The rear end is a 2003 Cobra IRS. I kinda really like that about the car! It rides like it's on rails.
Interior is in pretty great shape. I'm going to change they grey carpet to black. It has SN95 front seats and possibly the rear. Nothing super special about the interior other than being in great shape. I'd give it a solid 9.
Not much on the exterior of the car. Has a cowl hood and needs a pint job. It has smoked tail lights also...
It has your basic head unit connected to some nice sounding speakers. Idk what kind but I've had 6 Mustangs now and this has by far the best sounding system in it. Also has a Kicker sub and amp in the trunk.
As I said before, the rear end is out of a 2003 Cobra. It's the IRS that came out of that car. It still has the 3:55 gears but hopefully I'll get that changed some day. From what I can tell it has stock Cobra springs on it but they seem fine on this car.

I'm putting coilovers on the front end in a few days because the springs that are on it aren't correct and my tires rub when I brake too hard or hit a bump.
Wheel and Tire
I'm not sure what wheels these are. But it has 275 tires on the rear and I have new 245's for the front after I get the coilovers on.



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