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7 up vert
In July I picked up a 1990 specail edition LX convertible, commonly referred to as a 7-up car. Car was a basket case when I bought it for $650. This car is for my wife as I already have a nice '93 white coupe. The car was completely rust free, had 77,000 original miles but was somewhat in pieces. The guy was actually parting it out when I got it. He had already sold the seats, rear interior panels and rear window motors. (This will be interesting a little later) The engine was torn down to the short block, and someone had painted some of the interior with bright white spray paint! YUCK
1990 Ford 7 up vert (green)


I was in Vegas the end of July, and I was cruising the Honolulu (where I live) craigslist ads. This guy had an ad for some smog pump related parts. I had contemplated putting all the smog stuff on my car so I texted him. We chatted breifly about his stuff and I said I might contact him when I got home from my trip. After that I completely forgot about the guy, and the parts as I just went short belt to eliminate the smog pump. So, last week I get a text from the guy. he says "remember me etc etc. smog pump etc etc." I was now not in the market for the smog stuff, but decided to go look anyway as he was very close to where I lived and I like talking mustangs with anyone. I get to his place and he has a hatch and a vert. They both are works in progress and the vert was quite rough and was for sale. We chat and I am about to leave as there was really no parts I needed. As I am about to go he tells me "I might take the hatch seats out and put them in the vert before I sell it. I don't like the vert seats." I look and the vert has black seat covers on it. I ask "whats wrong with the vert seats?" He says "They don't match at all. I have black interior and the seats are WHITE. I got them off a guy that was parting out a 7 up car back in July".. I'm like "O.M.G. are you serious??? I HAVE that 7 up car!!" I ask if he would be willing to sell the seats? He tells me to just get him some seats and he would trade. I offer up my '86 GT seats and he accepts an even trade! The driver's seat is rough but I DO NOT CARE! I now have the correct seats! So next I ask if he also bought the rear panels? Of course he did! He sells me the pair for $50! and the window motors? Why he certainly had those too and he didn't need them. I only needed the brackets as I had bought new motors so the brackets go to me for $10! I was so happy to have the correct parts back for this car!!!!!!!



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