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Showcase cover image for 10 Sec N/A 302

General Information

Deep Jewel Green
My first car bought in 2005 when I was 15. Fully restored, Re-painted in 2007. Remained largely the way it’s seen here since 2010. More a street thrasher than trailered race car. Just sits now since other priorities have come up. Goes 10.90’s @3180lbs race weight. Shifts at 7800, traps at 7300. Uses an un-touched A9L computer with distributor spout removed and 34 degrees locked timing. Never been to a dyno and never been professionally tuned. Has an NX single nozzle wet kit but never ran more than a 100 shot due to rear gear. Has never been used on the track though. Have done a few more changes since these pics were taken. Would like to get it tuned and take to the track again sometime soon….


302 ci, Stock HO Block, Stock HO Crank (50oz), Scat I-Beam Rods, Main Cap Girdle, TRW Cast Forged 8.5cc Dome Pistons (12.5:1 final CR), Moly Rings, “Old-Style” AFR 185cc Heads (home-ported, flow 300/221cfm at .600 lift) (53cc Chambers) (Titanium Retainers & Keepers), PAC 1.450” Valve Springs (150 seat/ 475open), Stock Ford Hydraulic Lifters, AFM N-111 Cam (248/ 258 @0.050, 576/ 576 Lift, 110 LSA), 1.6 RRs w/Girdles, Trickflow R-Box (stock upper, port matched lower), Wilson 90mm TB, Pro-M 95mm MAF, 4” Intake Pipe, Innovators West Balancer, CSR Electric Water Pump

5gl. Fuel Cell, Aeromotive Pump & Regulator, 42lb Injectors
All MSD Ignition

G-Force T5 Transmission (straight-cut, dog ring), Valeo Diaphragm Pressure Plate, Ram 6000 6-Puck Disk, McLeod Steel Flywheel, Billet Trans Crossmember, Ford Aluminum Driveshaft
8pt. 1 3/4” Mild Steel Rollbar - Pictured (now has a 10pt. cage conversion)
Fully Carpeted w/Sound Deadener
Custom Rear Seat Delete
Autometer Gauges
All Stock Panels, Bumpers & Glass
4” Cervini Cowl Hood
In process….
Stock OEM
1 3/4” Hooker Super-Comp Headers, Custom 3” X-Pipe, Flowmaster 1 Chambers
FRONT: UPR K-Member w/1” Shortened A-Arms, UPR Coil-Overs w/Viking Double Adjustable Struts, UPR Bump Steer, UPR C/C Plates, Flaming River Manual Rack, Strange Master Cylinder, Strange Drag Brakes

REAR: Stock 8.8 (welded tubes & braced front & rear), Strange 35 Spline Axles, Strange Spool, 4.56 Gears, UPR Adjustable Upper & Lower Control Arms, UPR Coil-Overs w/Viking Double Adjustable Shocks, UPR Pro Anti-Roll Bar, Wild Rides Torque Boxes & Subframe Connectors, Strange Drag Brakes
Wheel and Tire
Weld Pro Stars (15x3.5 Front) (15x10 Rear)
Metric 26” Front Tires, MT ET 26x10.5S Slicks


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