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  1. Not So New Project

    What is the fire in the slow mo vid? Care to enlighten us on what kind of suspension you run.
  2. What plug for a supercharged 410W

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    What fuel? 9's seem cold for gas and 15#s. Start about 7. Gap them around 22 to start.
  3. I'm done with the A9L chips and Quarterhorse..time for aftermarket ECU..Input ?

    Engine Management Systems
    This is easy. HOLLEY. The best support forum and more tuners and schools than anyone.
  4. The AFM B4 cam power

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Tony Riener at Dakota mustangs uses one. His build is simple. Stock 74 block,TFS 170 heads, TFS box intake 90mm TB, TFS stage 2 cam. Hyp. pistons and h beam rods. 480s turbo done right. Mid 8s in a street car.
  5. The AFM B4 cam power

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have had one and made decent power. People have made way more power than me. I just want to see who has made what. Maybe one of the cam guru;s will chime in and give there two cents worth. They might tell if they think their cam will make more and why.
  6. The AFM B4 cam power

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    How much power will this cam make? I believe this cam is the TFS stage 2 or the crane being all the same. Except the AFM being billet. Tell us about you combo. if not tell us about what cubic inch and heads will make what kind of power. Where and how you come about your answer
  7. Tires with traction compound built in

    Drag Racing
    Anyone seen these yet?
  8. Lighten my Car!

    Drag Racing
    Where are you at with your decisions? Your front windshield can be replaced.Tube the front the shock towers forward.
  9. Muffler recommendation supercharged 65 fastback EFI

    General Mustang Tech
    Borla XS is my vote 3 in 3 out
  10. Q Which intercooler

    Personally I could give a **** less on the theory. I just need to decide what intercooler is going to work best. At this time Chiseled looks the beast. Anyone know about Treadstone's 1200 or 1300hp intercoolers
  11. Q Which intercooler

    Chiseled makes some nice stuff.
  12. Budget suspension setup on a fox

    Drag Racing
    Get on the net and look for used suspension. There are plenty of people selling the strange single adjustable struts and shocks. Buy a k member and upper and lowers and be done. Buy what you want the first time around.
  13. Q Which intercooler

    So what inter cooler do you use and why? Did you size it by cfm? Who has the best for what price?
  14. 427 Windsor - 765 RWHP

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Doc, Thanks for the useful,info. Most are not willing to share this. A lot of us here appreciate it however. i don't like to call B.S. on any ones build. And I'm not doing that here. Laminar, Most all the detergents are the same. The difference many. Race fuel use the cream of the crop...
  15. 427 Windsor - 765 RWHP

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Not hating anything. Just pointing out facts. Not all fuel is created equal. Sure it my be 93 octane, tell me where you bought it and what refinery made it. Come up here and buy fuel in the rocky mt area and make the same numbers. By they way we only have 91 as 93 is not needed for the altitude...
  16. Why 15 to 1 compression

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    How much room is need for combustion? There are many cylinder heads out there. So how and why does one pick a certain compression ratio or piston and head to work well together. You can get the same compression ratio with different results.
  17. For Sale Comp Cams, Innovators HB, Reichard Pulley, Thumper RRR

    Modular Engine Parts
    What is the size of the balancer.
  18. Stock A6, Lund tune, [email protected]

    S-197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    What did it run without the tune?
  19. Compression ratio question for 10-12lbs of boost

    GT & SOHC
    Static compression ratio is not the end to all ends with boost. I live at 5200' and can run more timing and static compression than those at sea level. Go to the Wallace racing calculator and look at the dynamic and cranking compression ratio's. Change the altitude and see what happens.
  20. Motorsports-AD performance??

    5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    My vote is for ford strokers. Jim and Nicole have treated me very well. fact Is Jim has made well with some of the dumbasses I know who screwd up their own #### by not knowing how to assemble a motor. You want to bash someone who will try to fix his mistake. Then you take your junk elsewhere and...
1-20 of 256 Results