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  1. Indy Hangout - The Good, the Bad, the Fast.

    Good Morning everyone, Just wanted to drop in and say Yo... :king: Kyle
  2. Corral Will Be In Attendance at December 5th Unveiling

    We will be looking forward to seeing what Ford has got for us Mustang fans! Thanks Chris. Kyle
  3. 2015 Ford Mustang... Looking good!

    Who here is excited about the upcoming 2015 Mustangs? What are your Thoughts, commits or viewpoints? :drool: 2015 Ford Mustang Leaked! 360º View and Full Details – News – Car and Driver
  4. Your vote?

    How do you see yourself voting?
  5. VP debate

    Wow Mike53, You just pushed me even more to the right with your viewpoints and statements on how Joe acted like an ass. :blam: Kyle
  6. 8 Rib Conversion Help

    GT & SOHC
    Hope this well help! Here is my Ford parts list for 4.6L 8-rib conversion pulleys list. Part prices may have changed! Kyle
  7. VP debate

    My two cents on it... It was a draw, no winner no loser. I didn't get much from either of them to be honest, I think that a lot of the questions really didn't get an answer. I will say I didn't care for the way Joe keep cutting off Ryan, to me that was poor sportsmanship and flat out lame ass...
  8. I am back!

    Ahhh... Nice to be back online at the again, I have been looking forward to getting back in here and getting the Mid-west Forum jumping again! :king: Kyle
  9. 2012 All Ford Car Show Autobahn Joliet Oct 7

    Grab some pictures and post them! Good luck on the show! :salute: Kyle
  10. Indy Hangout - The Good, the Bad, the Fast.

    Time to start a new thread. :evilgrin: Kyle
  11. 600rwhp

    GT & SOHC
    I am just glad I have my little Novi 2000... :D Good luck on your build. Kyle
  12. Today Only for the next 24 Hours Free DP or DDP!

    Lounge Sometimes good things do come free... :salute: Enjoy, Kyle
  13. pm me "the photos"

    Corral Day 2011
    If someone whats to send me the pictures I will host them. Kyle [email protected]
  14. Balancing the rotating assembly

    GT & SOHC
    I agree, for the small amount it's going to cost you I would recommand you to get it done. Kyle
  15. Cast crank failure

    GT & SOHC
    Don't go cheap on parts... You'll pay for it later on. :shakehead JMO... Kyle
  16. Indy Hangout XXXIV - Summer's Over?

    Hey guys, Just stoppin to say hi and see whats going on... Kyle
  17. Indy Hangout XXXIV - Summer's Over?

    Oh yeah, back and almost ready for the re-release of Midnight Raider... :evilgrin: I still have a few more parts left to install including the air to water intercooler along with a few other parts and I hope the NOS kit this time, then tune and then track time to get ready and start dailing...
  18. Any Kansas People?

    I agree, all you have to do is go to any search engine and type in "KC Mustangs" and you'll find the Mustang website in the Kansas City area. ;) Kyle
  19. Indy Hangout XXXIII: No Summer No Peace

    LOL, you all are post crazy almost 3600 post. Great job guys! :salute: Time for a new thread... :evilgrin: Thanks, Kyle
  20. Any Kansas People?

1-20 of 486 Results