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  • 92GTPonyTW ·
    Hello indy2000,

    I finally have the time to move ahead with my fog-light rewire project. I have one question regarding the 12 v. power wire to the battery. If I wish to "hide" this wiring under the plastic coil cover, is there any reason why I should not tap my 12 v. from the + side of the starter motor relay? This is a '92 Mustang GT.

    Thanks for being there for all of us,
    Ted from Maryland
    keefallan ·
    Bob, its been way too long. The last time we spoke, I had sent you pics of the car painted. So much happened after that. I got it started, but just for a momoent. The heads were new.... motor honed and freshened. I was very meticulous. But metal got in cyl 1 and played plinko. It ruined the bore and piston. And since all the other pistons are 30 years old, I wasn't going to just do one cylinder. So, I tore it all down, gave the parts my son needed to him, so he could drive his, and I decided to go with a 363. I'm still in the planning phase. That's why I'm on the Corral asking some questions.

    The car was complete Bob. I had done all the stitching in the interior as well. Its literally been sitting for a year or more.

    This is it for me......last big build

    Blessings to you,
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