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Several manufacturers offer cold air induction systems that are supposed to deliver more power. This is different than ram air systems that work because the car is moving. Rather, these systems are supposed to deliver more power by changing the air filter, changing the intake path, and/or relocating the air filter. Here we tested one of these systems to see if it lives up to the marketing hype that surrounds it.

We put the Moroso High Flow Induction System to the test on a naturally-aspirated 5.0 Mustang. The test car has a stock motor with exhaust modifications (shortie headers, hi-flow cats, and aftermarket mufflers). This car was selected to see what this system could deliver on a basically stock car. In this test we compared the Moroso system to a stock intake system that has a K&N panel filter and the air silencer removed.

The Moroso High Flow Induction System

This kit replaces the stock airbox and locates a cone filter into the passenger-side fenderwell. The MAF remains in the stock location. The manufacturer claims: " an additional 11 horsepower!" Installation of this system was very easy and took about 10 minutes. The stock airbox is removed and replaced by a plastic tube with a 90-degree bend and a conical K&N air filter. The tube mounts directly on the MAF and bends to the inner fender. It passes through the existing oval-shaped hole in the inner fender into the fenderwell. A metal cover is provided to cover the rest of the hole in the fenderwell and block hot air from the engine from getting to the filter. The air filter mounts to the tube from under the car after the tube is secured.


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Testing was performed at Boston Performance Group in Allston, MA. on their Dynojet chassis dynomometer. Testing was done to simulate real-world conditions. Pulls were made with the hood down and a large (about 3ft dia.) fan placed in front of the passenger side of the car. The fan was run the entire time the cars were on the dyno and it blew air onto the car at about 50 mph. Cool down time was limited to the time required to change from one test setup to the next and each setup was tested immediately after it was installed. Two pulls were made with each setup to look for consistency and resistance to engine heat. The readings from those pulls were averaged and shown in the table below.

All the data presented here are SAE Corrected for the atmospheric conditions at the time of the run.

Test Results

Click to enlarge The baseline test was performed with the car "hot". It sat for about 1 hour (with the hood down) after a three-hour ride to Boston. The two pulls with the K&N panel filter in the stock aribox produced average peak values of 210.1 hp and 271.6 ft-lbs.

The Moroso kit provided a average peak increase of 3.5 hp and 4.8 ft-lbs. over the baseline. However, this kit lost 2 peak hp from the first to second pull, showing that it is also susceptible to under-hood heat. Overall, this kit made more power and torque than the baseline throughout the entire RPM range.

Moroso High Flow Induction system vs. K&N panel filter

Results Analysis

Click to enlarge In general, the Moroso High Flow Induction System demonstrated results that were close to the manufacturer claimed on a stock-motored car. If removing the air intake silencer and adding a K&N panel filter is good for a few hp and this system is good for a few hp over that, then this system might be worth 7-8 hp on a bone stock car. Our experience is that this system is inexpensive (around $100 retail) and easy to install. The Moroso system made noticeably more peak power (3-4hp and 4-5ft-lbs) than the baseline K&N panel filter. More importantly, this system made more hp and torque across the entire RPM range of the motor. Clearly there is room for optimization of the stock 5.0L induction system and Moroso can deliver it.


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