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Difficulty (Easy 1-10 Difficult) Easy
Special Tools (Few 1-10 Many) None
Price (Cheap 1-10 Expensive) Cheap
Improvement (None 1-10 A lot) Considerable
Customer Service (Poor 1-10 Good) N/A

Finishing Your Aftermarket Shifter Installation
Almost everyone with a manually shifted Mustang opts to throw out the sloppy stock shifter. Then after putting in a quality shifter they twist the stock knob back on to their new shifter. The crisp shifts are now dampened somewhat by the rubbery stock shifter. Rasmussen Engineering's Fat Knobs will provide the finishing touch to your aftermarket shifter.

Fat Knobs fit factory and most aftermarket shifters. The composite Fat Knobs weigh about as much as a billiard ball and are almost the same size. The smooth finish feels great when you're working the transmission and the heft of the knob provides extra momentum for slamming gears.

UPDATE: We previously reported that the Fat Knob did not fit on the Steeda Tri-Ax shifter. We found that this problem was caused because we had stripped the threads inside the Fat Knob. A replacement Fat Knob fit our Steeda shifter perfectly!
Installation is super easy and merely requires that you unscrew your factory shift knob and screw on the Fat Knob. Fat Knobs come in black and white, but more colors may be available soon. They fit on the Mac Racer's Choice, Pro 5.0, Hurst Billet Plus, and stock shifters. Rasmussen Engineering will create a custom thread to fit your application if you know the thread pitch that you want for a nominal extra cost.

The knob fits very well into the average person's hand and even my wife preferred the feel of the Fat Knob to the factory shift knob. Thanks to the composite construction Fat Knobs do not get blistering hot in the heat like metal knobs. In the winter when metal knobs are painfully cold, the Fat Knob should be just as comfortable as factory.

One thing we did notice is that the Fat Knob acts somewhat like a speaker and amplifies the transmission noise somewhat. The added noise is very subtle and the feel of the shifter far outweighs any annoyance the noise may cause. Another thing we noticed is that in the heat of the summer sweaty palms can make the shifter knob a bit slick.

Fat Knobs are only $34.00 plus $5.50 shipping and handling and you can order them straight off the web. While the installation of a Fat Knob doesn't make the car any faster it certainly improves shift feel and leverage on the shifter. We highly recommend sticking a Fat Knob on your shifter the next time you have some spare change. You won't be disappointed.

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