1996-1998 Cobra Tach Install

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Have you thought about installing an after-market tach in your 96/97 Mustang? Well I did and I would like to share some info with you. The stock tach is off by as much as 750 rpm in certain instances.

Installing an after-market tach in the '96 is easy to do:

  1. To install your favorite tach in a 96 and up Cobra with the EEC-V EDIS ignition simply follow these directions.

  2. Pick where you want to mount the tach (I used the A-Pillar).

  3. Remove the screws (2) holding on the instrument panel bezel. Remove the light switch then remove the bezel.

  4. Remove the screws (4) that hold the instrument panel in place. The instrument panel is now free to be tilted forward (Bottom first).

  5. Remove the 2 electrical connectors from the Instrument panel. The connectors have a push tab and will disconnect easily once this tab has been pushed.

  6. The left connector is CN1, the right is CN2.

  7. Feed the wires from your tach into opening behind instrument cluster.

  8. You will be connecting to CN2.

  9. Connect your Tach Signal Input to pin 8 on CN2. This is circuit 11 (Instrument cluster Tach Signal Input) in the Ford schematics and is feed from the EEC-V Pin 48 Electronic Diagnostic Signal (Circuit 659).

  10. Pin 4 on CN2 can be used to supply +12VDC to your tach. This circuit is ignition switched and fuesd.

  11. Pin 5 on CN2 can be used to provide 0-+12VDC to your tach light feed. This circuit is feed through the light switch dimmer circuit. It is fused.

  12. Connect your Tach to ground. I used the existing ground screw on the fuse panel for this.

  13. Reverse steps to re-connect your insturment panel. Re-assemble your dash and enjoy your tach.


Editor's Note: Some of our first EEC-V tricks to roll in - thanks. Listen up when eastk notes that the factory tach can be off by as much as 750 RPM, an aftermarket tach sounds like a great way to get the real story.